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Make Your ESEF Reporting Simple

Is the task of working out a reporting process which is compliant with the new European Single Electronic Format being passed around your team like a hot potato? Or did you publish in ESEF this year, but weren’t completely satisfied with the result? Then this webinar is just what you need. During the webinar you will learn which elements make up an ESEF file, learn about the different ways you can handle your ESEF reporting process as well as see a live conversion of an annual financial report into ESEF.

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Time and Date

Date: TBA

Time: 14.00-15.00 CEST

What You Will Learn

  • Which elements make up an ESEF file,
  • 3 different ways to carry out your ESEF reporting
  • How to use the ParsePort XBRL Converter to convert your annual financial report into ESEF.


What will the European Single Electronic Format mean for your reporting process?

Starting next year, public listed companies all over Europe need to publish their annual financial reports in ESEF, but for many reporting teams there’s still a large amount of uncertainty connected to how that will affect their reporting process.

During this webinar you will learn how to optimize your ESEF reporting process as well as see how simple a conversion from PDF and Excel into ESEF can be, and if you have any question about your specific situation our talented team is prepared to answer your questions during the webinar as well.