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Simplify XBRL reporting. Tag, convert, and validate ESEF,
ESG, GAAP, and xHTML reports with one powerful tool.


Tag financial statements and notes with unwavering precision and speed. Stay compliant with up-to-date taxonomies.


Convert to your desired taxonomy with a tap. Our extensive support spans ESG, ESEF, GAAP, EIOPA, EBA, and more.


Validate XBRL reports in real-time. Enjoy the confidence of compliance and error-free financial data.

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A solution that fits your workflow

Achieve ESG and ESEF compliance with ParsePort.
Three block note tagging solutions designed for your workflow.


Block Note Tag using InDesign, powered by ParsePort’s Excel Tagging Template.

Tagging software

When to blocktag

Level of reusability


Next year, simply review and update the Tagging Template. No additional actions needed if the design remains unchanged.

This year
Create XBRL tags

using the ParsePort Tagging Template

This year
Run InDesign script

for Block Tagging and export to ePub.

Next year
Review & update

the ParsePort Tagging Template if necessary


Block Note Tag in Excel, powered by TextSearch. No hyperlinking.

Tagging software

When to blocktag

Level of reusability


Next year, only re-mark the PDF using TextSearch to indicate tag placement.
A 30-minute task

This year
Create XBRL tags

using the ParsePort Tagging Template

This year
Markup the PDF

using TextSearch technology to indicate tag placement during conversion

Next year
Review & update

tags in the TextSearch Tagging Template if necessary

Next year
Re-mark the PDF

using TextSearch technology. A near 30-minute task.


Block Note Tag in PDF, powered by ParsePort’s Excel Tagging Template.

Tagging software

When to blocktag

Level of reusability


Tags must be re-embedded each year,
and with each PDF export.

This year
Create XBRL tags

using the ParsePort Tagging Template

This year
Embed hyperlinks

containing the tags within the final PDF

Next year
Review & update

XBRL tags in the Tagging Template if necessary

Next year
Re-apply hyperlinks

containing the tags on next year’s annual report

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ParsePort solution for your needs

ParsePort Platform works alongside 
your existing tools​​

More structure. Better legibility.

Enhanced readability and structure for text-block tagged facts. Stay ESMA compliant with the ParsePort Platform.

Your solution for structured and legible facts across various source files, including PDF and Native HTML ePUB.

Experience skillfully preserved table structures and text formatting within text-block tagged facts.

PDF converted reports

Enjoy enhanced readability of text-block tagged facts in PDF-converted reports.

ePUB converted reports

Unlock the power of our FastTrack technology for structured HTML and enhanced readability of text-block tagged facts in ePUB-converted reports.

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Powerful features designed to simplify​

With the ParsePort Platform, experience the smart intersection of pixel perfect reports, simplified block note tagging, automatic taxonomy updates, and much more.

Design accuracy

Achieve design accuracy with seamless InDesign integration & native HTML support

Flexible data input

Maintain complete control with flexible data input options

Automatic taxonomy updates

Stay compliant with automatic taxonomy updates

Simplified Block Note Tagging

Fast and simple tagging with our Block Note Tagging solutions

Report & taxonomy comparisons

Informed decision-making with dynamic report and taxonomy comparisons

Free Inspector access for auditors

Free Inspector access for auditors to empower seamless collaboration

Real-time XBRL validation

Real-time XBRL validation with suggestions for error-free reporting

EU-based data servers

Enhanced data security and accessibility through EU-based servers

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Unlimited conversions

Polish your report to perfection with unlimited conversions

24/7 expert support

24/7 support for quick assistance and XBRL expertise

Multilingual support

Multilingual support to break language barriers

Platform onboarding

Onboarding assistance for a hassle-free experience

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