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With XBRL Converter, we will enable you to convert your own documents in Excel and Word to XBRL and thereby receive an XBRL file instantly by a click of a button for submission to your relevant authority (local chamber of commerce, EBA, EIOPA, ESMA etc.) using relevant taxonomies (GAAP, CRDIV, Solvency2, ESEF etc.). XBRL Converter is the right product if you have multiple reports or want to be in control of the XBRL conversion yourself.


Why use
XBRL Converter?

One-click instant conversion
Convert to XBRL and validate your report instantly with a click of a button – no need to wait for response from our team.
Limited change in workflow
Continue using Excel and Word as you have always done. Your documents and workflow will not be limited.
Free support
Charging extra for supporting our own product is not fair. Support for XBRL Converter is free.
Limited knowledge needed
During our training session, you will learn to “tag” your documents using simple text tags. This only has to be done once.
Full control of tagging
Our XBRL Converter is not a scanner and does not perform guesswork. You are in full control of how the document is tagged.
You can change your document as much as you wish after tagging, and you can continue to use your own abbreviations and terminology in e.g. annual reports.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Arrange all your financial bricks with XBRL, all it takes is one simple click. It sounds like magic, and it sort of is – magic for accountants. Watch the video and see for yourself.

Depending on which authority you need to report to, we will either supply you with pre-tagged templates or we will host a training session where we will train you and your employees in “tagging” your own Excel/Word documents. When we leave, you will have the necessary knowledge on how to convert your own documents by just pressing a single button. The conversion will return a validation report – and you will have the option to download the XBRL file directly.

After downloading the XBRL file, you are ready to submit the file to your relevant authority – all in a matter of seconds.

Arrange all your financial bricks with XBRL Converter. This simple tool is based on so-called opening and closing ‘tags’, which are implemented in your sheet. We make sure that you and your employees are trained in using the tool henceforth, with Excel sheets or Word documents as inputs, allowing you to continue your regular work flow. Now, all you need to do is click the ‘Make Report’ button, and we’ll both process, validate and make it ready for send-off. 

This solution is a simple way for financial reporters, or internal accounting departments, to convert reports to XBRL on their own, with the use of our tools. Contact us for further information here.

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Get one of the world simplest, fastest and cheapest XBRL solutions today, and free yourself from headaches and overtime.

General FAQ’s
Before we start

When will I receive my XBRL file?
It depends a bit on the complexity of your report, but usually within a few seconds.
How do I know my tagging is correct?
When converting the document, you will always be presented with a validation report where you can review the contents of the XBRL file.
I use a combination of Excel and Word – can you handle this?
I have a lot of formulas and non-relevant information in my document?
This is not a problem. A lot of thought has gone into building our products – and you can be sure that we have seen almost any scenario.
How do I receive information if I need to change something?
You will receive a newsletter in the rare case that something needs to be updated on your side.

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We are an XBRL services company helping national authorities, clients and auditors comply with EU and local legislation. Our services include GaaP (IFRS, Annual and Tax reporting) EBA (Corep/Finrep/CRD IV)  EIOPA (Solvency II) and ESMA (ESEF). We service clients worldwide.


We are an XBRL services company helping national authorities, clients and auditors comply with EU and local legislation. Our services include GaaP (IFRS, Annual and Tax reporting) EBA (Corep/Finrep/CRD IV)  EIOPA (Solvency II) and ESMA (ESEF). We service clients worldwide.


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