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XBRL made simple

Do you want minimal workflow impact,
by using simplified tagging,
that is cost effective
supported by a proven track record?

It is that simple....

In this video ParsePort CEO Kim Eriksen show you how simple it is to convert your annual report into iXBRL.

Upload your XLS file with all the numbers – and your PDF with the design to ParsePort converter – shortly after you have the iXBRL file ready.

Why ParsePort is the
right XBRL partner

Co-operating with ParsePort is neither an outsourcing with expensive consultancy hours – or inhouse work to be done.
ParsePort gives you the best of both worlds. Let us elaborate, why ParsePort is the vendor to choose for an XBRL solution;

You will have
minimal workflow impact

Keep using your existing tool, documents and workflows if you wish to.

We use simplified tagging,
making your XBRL simple.

- Ensuring that, no pre-knowledge is needed
- You will be Taxonomy-independent
- There is always room for last minute editing

Cost effective solution

- We have transparent pricing
- Always free support
- You are dealing with a secure solution in the cloud

Proven track record

- XBRL has been mandatory in Denmark since 2012 - we've been on the market since then.
- IFRS reporting since 2014.
- We already support filers, auditors and OEM’s
- We are the first company to file a glossy, fully tagged, annual report in iXBRL
- We are the leading XBRL experts

XBRL made simple

In all financial areas

We have solutions covering most of the current EU organs and local authorities. Please choose the authority you need to report to below.