ParsePort XBRL Converter

By using the ParsePort XBRL Converter you can create your XBRL or iXBRL files instantly. Whether you need to report to your local chamber of commerce, EBA, EIOPA or ESMA you can use our converter to create your report in correspondence with any taxonomy such as GAAP, CRDIV, Solvency II or ESEF.

ParsePort is a XBRL Certified Software Solution Provider

How our XBRL Converter Works

If you want to be in control of the conversion yourself the ParsePort XBRL Converter is the right tool for you. Our converter lets you convert your files from almost any format into XBRL or iXBRL.

In combination with the ParsePort XBRL Tagger our converter lets you create reports in both XBRL and iXBRL format. It’s simple to use, and the XBRL Tagger is included in the price. After being trained in using the tools, all you need to do is upload your prepared files to our online portal and click convert and combine.

You can choose to access our converter through our Co-Pilot or Pilot solution models. As a Co-Pilot you will be mapping the entire file with our assistance. This means that you will have full control, but our experts will handle the technical aspects of the mapping. As a Pilot, on the other hand, you handle mapping and conversion yourself. No matter what you choose, we provide you with the best tools to finish the job.

Take Advantage of Our XBRL Converter

Minimal Workflow Impact

Using our converter has a minimal impact on your current workflow. It was developed to adapt to your workflow, without reducing the quality. The converter offers you complete freedom in your choice of format. This means that you can keep using the same tools you always have.

Proven Track Record

We have more than 8 years of experience serving and advising the industry and developing XBRL products. We are active in the XBRL consortium as members of XBRL International, XBRL Europe and the majority of the local XBRL jurisdictions.

Free support

We include free support with all our products. This way you will not have to hesitate or consider contacting our support team.

You Remain in Control

You can always take control over the way each element in your report is mapped to the XBRL taxonomy. Our converter does not perform guesswork. You will always know exactly how your document was tagged.

A Simple XBRL Converter

The converter gives you the ability to produce XBRL and iXBRL files with a few simple clicks.
Our system of simplified tagging enables you to automatically handle the large portions of the tagging process. You don't need any knowledge of XBRL, you simply need to convert your files.


The converter is fully flexible. You can even make last minute changes. Which lets you work as close to the submission deadline as you prefer and you can even use your own abbreviations and terminology in your annual reports.

Frequently Asked Questions About the XBRL Converter

Can we use Unicode fonts in our reports?

Yes. In 99% of the cases where a customer has chosen a Unicode font in their annual report, we were able to match the Unicode font after conversion to ESEF.

Can we make sure our mapping is correct before our figures are ready?

Yes. We always encourage our customers to carry out test conversions, and you don’t need to have your finalized figures to test the mapping afterwards.

How big is an ESEF File?

The size of an ESEF file depends on what has gone into making it, and with everything it needs to contain it can be as large as 150MB.

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