The fastest block tagging solution for ESEF reporting​

Tired of manual block note tagging and multi-tagging? Time to revolutionise your workflow! With TextSearch, you masterfully craft your tagging framework in the comfort of Excel – just once! Say goodbye to repetitive yearly block tagging and embrace lasting efficiency!

How TextSearch works

Simplify your ESEF Block Note Tagging process. Our platform does the heavy lifting for you.


Download your custom Tagging Template

We define and create an outline of all disclosure areas within your report – called a tagging framework – allowing you to easily spot which notes require tagging. Simply download your custom Tagging Template and get to tagging.


Tag your notes effortlessly

Easily mark-up, or tag your notes with the desired elements of the ESEF taxonomy using our TextSearch technology. It’s all made easy with our user-friendly Tagging Template in Excel.


Convert your files into ESEF

Convert your ParsePort Tagging Template, together with the PDF version of your report, into ESEF. Our ESEF software immediately validates whether the tags have been applied correctly.


No need to retag next year

Next year’s reporting process will be even easier. Your custom tagging template can be used year after year as long as the layout of your AFR remains the same. With TextSearch, changes to tags are made in Excel rather than Indesign or PDF. Thus, say goodbye to yearly retagging!

Tag faster. Tag smarter.
All benefits at a glance.

Tag once, use unlimitedly

Build your tagging framework once, and use it year after year for an efficient, reliable ESEF reporting process. Save time with TextSearch.

Multi-tagging, done faster

Transform the tedious task of multi-tagging into a breeze! TextSearch helps you multi-tag faster. Say hello to a more efficient and less repetitive workflow!

Full Block Note Tagging support

Unlock the perks of our exceptional 24/7 customer support, tailored onboarding program, and ESEF expertise – all in your local language!

Tag in Excel, your way

Shift the text block tagging process from InDesign or PDF to Excel and experience a method that is as intuitive as preparing your very own income statement.

Save countless hours

Don’t let time slip away as you block tag your notes. With TextSearch, once you build your tagging framework, you can tag your final PDF in no time.

Make last-minute changes

Don’t settle for less – seize the opportunity to make last-minute changes. Reap the benefits from TextSearch’s flexibility.

Loved by companies worldwide

Experience TextSearch, trusted by over 246 esteemed companies for their ESEF Block Note Tagging needs this year

TextSearch versus other Block Note Tagging methods


Embedding/nesting of tags on the visual source file


Tagging in Excel
Ability to block tag your FR
Ability to multi-tag notes
info*Multi-tagging of notes is possible when using the embedding of tags method. However, it can be difficult to apply tags at a very detailed level, as it may cause technical issues during the conversion.
Last minute changes
info*Last-minute changes are always possible, but keep in mind that depending on the document you choose to embed the tags in and the changes you make, it is very likely that you will need to add them again or adjust the embedded tags throughout the entire document.
Ability to delegate part of/entire block tagging process to 3rd parties
info*You have the possibility to delegate part of or the entire block tagging process to a third party (e.g., a design agency or your ESEF service provider). However, this means giving up some control over the process and increasing the risk of human error.
Future-proof framework usability
Fast tagging turnaround times
Ability to detail tag numerical information embedded in disclosures.
Simplified tagging process
High level of accuracy
Dry run availability
info*If you need to or want to perform a dry run of your financial report, it is possible to do so on your own. Our support service is not included on dry runs for any of our block note tagging solutions. Please refer to our knowledge base for more information.
info*If you need to or want to perform a dry run of your financial report, it is possible to do so on your own. Our support service is not included on dry runs for any of our block note tagging solutions. Please refer to our knowledge base for more information.

Take Block Note Tagging to the next level

Simplify Block Note Tagging with TextSearch

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“Now, instead of learning to use new software we simply create an Excel file with the annual figures and mapping, and a PDF with our designed report, and we can then convert the two files into an ESEF file. I think we made a great choice choosing ParsePort as our supplier.”

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Group Reporting Manager
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