ParsePort makes XBRL simple

With the slogan “XBRL made simple”, ParsePort is a solution provider for financial reporting in the (i)XBRL format to authorities, banks, insurance companies, pension funds, auditors, publicly listed and smaller companies all over the world.

ParsePort headquarter is based in Denmark and branches in many European countries. Our solutions include GAAP, EBA (Corep / Finrep / CRDIV), EIOPA (Solvency II) and ESMA (ESEF).

Today, we have one of the fastest, simplest and most cost-effective XBRL solutions on the market and help companies to comply with EU- og local requirements to create financial transparency and predict and minimize the effect of financial crises.

The USPs of ParsePort

Minimal workflow impact

You do what you do best. We do what we do best, which is handling all the complicated technical work in the background that will result in an iXBRL file.
You need to tell us where to find your data, but that is all we need – and you can continue using all your existing tools, documents (including e.g. Excel, InDesign and PDF) and workflows.
Furthermore you can still edit your report up to the moment you want to convert to iXBRL.

Cost effective

“Simple” is the pervasive word at ParsePort. Our prices are transparent, in order for you as a customer to know what your cost will be.
The ESEF XBRL Converter have an annual fee. Add to this a one-time startup fee + travel
expenses, which will include setup and personal training of your staff.

We offer free support – and you will find our secure solution in the cloud.

Simplified tagging

Our solutions are taxonomy-independent, and users do not need to know or worry about taxonomies – or changes to these. After all: why buy an expensive plane and study to be a pilot if you can buy a ticket with an established operator who has a plane and knowledge of how to maintain it – and who can get you to your destination fast, safe and at a fraction of the price?

When we say simplified tagging, we really mean simple. By tagging just the start and end points of e.g. your income statement, we have enough information to extract all the right data.

Proven track record

ParsePort has been filing consolidated annual reports in XBRL for listed companies since 2012. During these years we have gained a lot of experience and knowledge.

Today we are very proud to say that we are leading XBRL experts.

We make XBRL simple – because it’s possible.

ParsePort was established by our founders Michael Krog and Kim Eriksen back in 2010 – and since then they have been the perfect duo driving a solid business.

Today we are a medium sized company growing almost every month welcoming new colleagues.

We are proud and active members of all relevant XBRL communities, in order to contribute with our knowledge and expertise – and to gain experience from other competent suppliers;

>> XBRL International
>> XBRL Denmark
>> XBRL Holland
>> XBRL Sweden
>> XBRL Finland
>> XBRL France
>> XBRL Spain

Our history

was founded

The idea behind ParsePort originated at an accidental meeting between Michael Krog and Kim Eriksen at the airport in Stockholm, due to a canceled flight to Copenhagen. After a long lunch, the idea for ParsePort was born.

Launching our first
XBRL solution

Our accountant approached us with the words “You are the right ones when it comes to getting data converted, right?” And without much hesitation, we started to develop our first XBRL solution.

Opening our first
Dutch office

While experiencing great succes within the nordic countries, we decided to spread our passion for business intelligence and XBRL to the country of tulips and windmills: The Netherlands.

made XBRL simple

In 2019 we finally launched our new concept “XBRL made simple” for the end customer, that is. A focus on sharing our passion for XBRL by making it easier to understand for everybody.

Our founders are still the same – we still love XBRL and the company is growing, since the EU market is in need of experts of XBRL.

ParsePort made XBRL simple.