We Make XBRL Simple​

ParsePort is a solution provider for financial reporting in the XBRL and iXBRL format. We help authorities, banks, insurance companies, pension funds, auditors, publicly listed and smaller companies all over the world report to ESMA (ESEF), GAAP, EBA (Corep / Finrep / CRDIV), EIOPA (Solvency II).

Our slogan is “XBRL made simple” and we believe it, which is why we work to make all aspects of the reporting process as simple as possible.

We are based in Denmark, but we have local offices in many European countries. 

ParsePort is a XBRL Certified Software Solution Provider

The Founders of ParsePort

ParsePort Founders

ParsePort was established by Michael Krog and Kim Eriksen back in 2010 – and they have been the perfect duo turning ParsePort from idea to solid business.

We are active members of all relevant XBRL communities, in order to contribute with our knowledge and expertise to the field of XBRL, and our converter is of course XBRL certified.

What We Offer

Minimal Workflow-Impact

All you need to do, is tell us where to find your data. After that you can continue using the same tools, documents and workflows you are used to.

You can even edit your report right up until the moment when you want to hit the button and convert your report into iXBRL.


We believe in full transparency, which is why we display our prices freely, so you know what the final cost will be.

You pay an annual fee depending on your chosen solution, and you pay a startup fee to cover implementation costs, setup and training your staff. On top of that, we offer free support – that is how much we believe in the functionality of our product.

Simplified Tagging

All our solutions are taxonomy-independent, which means you, as a user, don’t need to worry about taxonomies – or the annual changes to them. 

When we say simplified tagging, we mean it. Our simple system handles the tagging process so you don’t have to.

Proven Track Record

We have been filing consolidated annual reports in XBRL for listed companies since 2012. Which means we have eight years worth of experience and know-how.

We make XBRL simple – because there’s no reason it should be complicated.

The Story behind ParsePort


ParsePort Was Founded

The idea which later became ParsePort sprang from a chance encounter between Michael Krog and Kim Eriksen. Due to a cancelled flight from Stockholm to Copenhagen the two decided to eat lunch together while waiting and during the meal the idea behind ParsePort was born.

ParsePort was founded


The First ParsePort XBRL Solution

ParsePort didn’t start out as an XBRL provider and it wasn’t until a simple question from the company accountant about converting data, that Kim and Michael began to move ParsePort from Business Intelligence Software into the field of XBRL conversion.


Opening A Dutch ParsePort Office

After the ever-growing success in the Nordics, the two founders decided to spread their passion for business intelligence software and XBRL to other countries. First stop: The Netherlands.


XBRL made simple

In 2019 a new chapter in the daily life of ParsePort began. We finally launched our new concept; “XBRL made simple”. The primary focus of this concept is to share our joint passion for XBRL while at the same time making it easier for end users and customers alike to understand exactly what is going on.

The goal is still the same. We still love XBRL and data conversion, and we still aim to make XBRL simple for everyone who needs it.


ParsePort - All Over Europe

While Covid 19 plagued businesses all over the world, ParsePort continued growing. We now have more than 40 employees focused on helping European companies converting financial reports to XBRL, so they are able to meet the requirements of the authorities.