ParsePort Terms and Conditions

Prices of our Danish GAAP XBRL Service
Prices in DKKXBRL ServiceMultilingual accountingCash flow statementKey figuresConsolidated
Class B Accounting1,000+ 500+ 250+ 250+ 500
Class C Accounting - Medium size3,500+ 500---
Class C Accounting - Large size4,500+ 500---
Class D Accounting - IFRS5,000----
Class D Accounting - Group / Consolidated6,000----
Entity NameMain purposeApplicable ServicesLocation
Microsoft AzureHosting ProviderXBRL ConverterEU/EEA
DropboxDocument storageInternal useEU/EEA
DocuSigne-SignatureFacilitation of the digital signature processEU/EEA
HubSpotCRM SystemCommunication for the provision of Support and ServicesEU/EEA