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Service/ functionalityDescription
Cloud platformIt is delivered as a secure “AS IS” cloud platform. No local installation and/or updates are needed
Online training material/ FAQ/ knowledgebase - serviceAccess to ParsePort’s extensive online training material, FAQ, and knowledgebase, for the ParsePort Platform and XBRL templates
Operational Support 24/7 - serviceRefers exclusively to the Software being operational
xHTML reporting – function*Possibility to convert its non-consolidated subsidiary reports (max 10 entities/reports)
Inspection – function*Access to review, analyse and validate the annual report for XBRL or iXBRL for the applicable taxonomy.
*Functionalities (items ending on “- function”): all the above functionalities are made available to the Customer “AS IS” and without support from ParsePort. However, support is available to be purchased separately.

II. AddOn to Basic – Access to conversion of ESG disclosure (Annually Fee)

Service/ functionalityDescription
Activation of ESG disclosureAllowing the Customer to convert elements within the ESG disclosure.
XBRL Template – function*Access to ParsePort’s XBRL templates allows Customer to convert and map their report to the most recent and applicable taxonomy.
Multi-language files – function*Access to creating reports in multiple official European languages.
Block tagging of notes and mandatory information – function*Access to the block tagging of notes function. The block tagging of notes must be performed by the Customer.
Text Search – function*Ability to identify areas in a report to be tagged, based on texts placed in the XBRL template used in the conversion process.
FastTrack – function*Possibility to utilize .epub files exported from InDesign in the merging and conversion process of reports to iXBRL reporting packages.
*Functionalities (items ending on “- function”): all the above functionalities are made available to the Customer “AS IS” and without support from ParsePort. However, support is available to be purchased separately.

III. AddOn to Basic – Activation and Setup of XBRL Template with Customer’s choice of elements. (OneTime Fee)

ESG Disclosure, Activation and tagging with customer’s choice of elements

Service/ functionalityDescription
ActivationWithin the second quarter of 2024, a meeting between the Customer and a ParsePort specialist must be held to agree on process and mutual deadlines for activation, onboarding and tagging.
OnboardingTwo (2) online meetings between the Customer and one of ParsePort's specialists must be booked within the third quarter of 2024.

The first meeting is a training session, and the second meeting is a Q&A session, focusing on ParsePort’s XBRL template. These meetings can be recorded and forwarded for later review, and each meeting will have a maximum duration of one (1) hour.

A new meeting can be scheduled at any point at ParsePort's current hourly rate if needed or desired by the Customer.
XBRL Template SetupParsePort will prepare and set up the structure of the XBRL template, including defining the 'area' (working framework) and making initial decisions on which sections to include. This will be based on the data agreed upon during the onboarding meeting.

This preparatory work must begin at least two (2) months prior to the deadline for receiving the input files, which will be determined during the initial onboarding meeting between ParsePort and the customer.

ParsePort will ensure that the input files are correctly converted according to the technical standards. Once the selected elements are provided, they will be placed where the customer specifies. However, no decisions are made at this stage about the nature of information to tag.
Service/ functionalityDescription
Tagging of ESG disclosureFor the setup of the XBRL template, the Customer must provide the location and selection of the elements within the deadlines specified below. This information should be provided in a first major proposal and may be provided in different files (e.g., comments on PDFs or a detailed list on a template). It must be coordinated with ParsePort, and the number of iterations, including the addition of new sections, should be limited as much as possible (fair use).

An agreement on the selection of ESG disclosure elements for notes and tables must be completed at least 14 days before the agreed deadline.

A 'pencil-down' period of 3 business days is required for the final version (which must include the embedded link) of the visual file (PDF or ePUB) to ensure that the technical and visual files are converted as expected.

This Schedule might be subject to modifications due to changes in the applicable laws and regulations for reporting according to the applicable taxonomies. Please contact ParsePort at info@parseport.com for information about different reporting years.

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