ParsePort's list of Subcontractors and 3rd Parties

For the Purposes of ParsePort’s Data Processing Agreement, these Subcontractors are considered approved by the Customer for ParsePort’s provision of its Products and Services as specified in the Agreement. ParsePort’s use of these Third Parties and Subcontractors is for the purposes and applicable services specified below and in the Agreement.

ParsePort performs risk assessment on its Third Parties and Subcontractors on a regular basis and with regular monitoring according to ParsePort’s required security controls.

The Pre-Approved Subcontractors and Third Parties are as follows:

Entity NameMain purposeApplicable ServicesLocation
Microsoft AzureHosting ProviderXBRL ConverterEU/EEA
DropboxDocument storageInternal useEU/EEA
DocuSigne-SignatureFacilitation of the digital signature processEU/EEA
HubSpotCRM SystemCommunication for the provision of Support and ServicesEU/EEA

Last updated: July 1st, 2022

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