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Are you obligated to report in the new European Single Electronic Format? Are you currently deciding which provider to choose? Then we’ve got a great offer for you. You can try our ESEF conversion for free. All you need to do is submit a PDF version of your most recent annual report through the form below, and we’ll do a free test conversion.

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Don't Make Your ESEF Reporting Harder

Converting your annual financial reports to ESEF doesn’t have to be a complicated process. It doesn’t even have to mean changes to your current workflow. We can provide you with the tools to handle your ESEF reporting in a simple and efficient way or we can handle the entire conversion for you.

  • The ability to make last-minute changes
  • Unlimited conversions, users and languages
  • Taxonomy updates are handled automatically
  • Leverage best practices from other customers and auditors
  •  You don’t need any taxonomy knowledge
  • Enjoy our free support

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