XBRL Converter

Our XBRL Converter enables you to convert your own files from almost any format (PDF, Excel, Word, JSON, HTML, ZIP etc.) into XBRL or iXBRL.

The converter is fast, reliable and cost effective. By using the XBRL Converter you can create your XBRL files instantly for almost any authority. whether you need to report to your local chamber of commerce, EBA, EIOPA or ESMA you can do so in almost any possible taxonomy such as GAAP, CRDIV, Solvency II or ESEF.

If you want to be in control of the XBRL conversion yourself our XBRL Converter is the tool for you, 

How the XBRL Converter Works

Simplified Tagging

With our system of simplified tagging you don't need any knowledge of XBRL. You just convert your files into XBRL. Simplified tagging was developed over the past 8 years, enabling you to use our expertise as XBRL experts to automatically handle the tagging process.

Minimal Workflow Impact

Using the XBRL Converter has a minimal impact on your current workflow. The XBRL Converter is developed to adapt to your workflow, without reducing the quality. The XBRL Converter offers you complete freedom in your choice of format. Which mean you can keep using your current systems and tools.

Full Control of Tagging

Our XBRL Converter is not a basic scanner and it does not perform guesswork, which means you are in full control of how your document is tagged.

Proven Track Record

We have more than 8 years worth of knowledge serving and advising the industry and developing XBRL products. We are active in the XBRL consortium as members of XBRL International, XBRL Europe and the majority of the local XBRL jurisdictions.

You Remain in Control

There is no guesswork or scanning related to simplified tagging, and you can always take complete control over what each element in your report is pointing to within the XBRL taxonomy.


The XBRL Converter is fully flexible, enabling you to change your documents or files without having to repeat any work in order to create your XBRL files. It is even possible to perform last minute changes, which means that you can continue working as close to the deadline as you prefer. You can even use your own abbreviations and terminology in your annual reports.

Instant One-Click Conversion

The XBRL Converter enables you to produce XBRL files with a single click. Within seconds You will have a converted XBRL file ready to submit.

Free support

We include free support with all our products. This way you will not have to hesitate or consider contacting our support team. If we develop high quality products and make sure that you know how to use them, you will rarely ever need support.