XBRL Reader

XBRL Reader make you able to read XBRL files prepared for EBA or EIOPA using CRDIV or SolvencyII taxonomies into Excel or a web browser.

You only have to press “Import XBRL” to review an XBRL file and validate it against both taxonomy validations and XBRL filing rules.
In combination with our XBRL Converter, you are also able to edit and re-convert the file to XBRL again.

XBRL Reader is the right product if you need to review or audit XBRL files destined for EBA or EIOPA.

XBRL Reader

No software needed

You will have no need for installing any applications, patches or updates on your computer. We offer a cloud solution.

Instant onboarding

Are you in a hurry? XBRL Reader will let you review XBRL files immediately without any knowledge or training sessions.

Instant validation

When reading an XBRL file, you are given the option to validate it instantly, possibly giving it a second check.

Most affordable

XBRL Reader is one of the most price competitive products on the market and does not contain a lot of unnecessary functions.

XBRL Reader - Frequently asked questions

How long time does it take to import an XBRL file?

It depends a bit on the complexity of your file, but usually within a few seconds.

What if I want to import an XBRL file into e.g. my own database?

Please contact us and request information on our XBRL API product, which will allow you to do this

How do I ensure that the XBRL file is unaltered since creation?

We display a “hashcode” which is a unique ID for the actual XBRL file. The software that created the XBRL file should be able to do the same – and the ID should match.