ParsePort XBRL Consultancy

Conversion of a financial report to an ESEF report ready-to-file is a complicated job. Normally we tell you it is simple. And it is, for you. Because we have made a tool for you to easily convert your reports. But in the backend it is a complicated thing based on a heavy taxonomy – and sometimes even dual taxonomies.

Both Public Listed Companies and Auditors have a wish to understand the taxonomies; the backend of our solutions – and much more about XBRL. Every day we have lots of questions that goes beyound our normal product support. For those we offer meetings with our experts against hourly pay.

Learn from the XBRL Experts

Why is the iXBRL report mapped like it is? The answer is due to the taxonomy – but to go more into details it demands a training session with one of our experts.

Our experts answer most questions about XBRL;

  • Understanding the taxonomies – and why they sometimes have to be dual.
  • What is XBRL? And what is the file format?
  • What can we use XBRL for, beyound ESEF reporting?
  • What is the responsibilty of you as Public Listed Company?
  • How do auditors validate based on the taxonomy?
  • And many more…..

Most answered to Public Listed Companies

Many is over-complicating the conversion of the financial report to an ESEF XBRL file. No reason for that.

In short; your responsibilty as a public listed company is to file your financial report in the correct format. And that is the part, we help you creating.

In other words; You do what you have done for years; your financial reports. When that is ready you upload it to our conservion tool and soon after you have the ready-to-file correct file for your local authorities. 

We don’t make your financial reports – we only convert it to the format required by your authorities.

Most answered to Auditors

Taxonomies are complicated stuff – and you need to validate the file from the taxonomy.

But don’t worry. You don’t have to do it manually. We have created the Inspector tool to audit any XBRL file.

Find more information about the Inspector on this page.