XBRL made simple

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Developers at ParsePort almost breathe and live to make XBRL simple and still have solutions to feed all types of customers.
We are very proud to say, they have succeeded.

We have solutions for both LARGE and small companies – and for all areas and taxonomies;

We mean it, when we say it;

in one minute.

We offer a cloud-based, simple, fast and price competitive solution that can be explained in 4 simple steps

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Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 XBRL engine

XBRL Solutions - Step 1


We extract all the data-“bricks” needed and prepare it for XBRL conversion in step 2..

Input: Excel, Word, PDF, InDesign, HTML etc.

Output: JSON

Available XBRL products

XBRL Solutions - Step 2


We convert your data to XBRL. You could say, it is like aligning your “bricks” in a specific order.

Input: JSON, XML, CSV, SQL etc.

Output: XBRL, iXBRL

Available XBRL products

XBRL Solutions - Step 3


We validate whether the XBRL file is compliant with the taxonomy and XBRL filing rules.

Input: XBRL

Output: Validation report

Available XBRL products

XBRL Solutions - Step 4


We render the XBRL file into a format that you can read, use and understand. 

Input: XBRL. iXBRL

Output: HTML, Excel, SQL, xHTML etc.

Available XBRL products

XBRL Solutions - ParsePort Power

XBRL Engine

The XBRL engine integrates one or more steps directly into your own system by using our simple, but yet powerful XBRL API.

Available XBRL products