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Grap a cop of coffee and read blog articles from our XBRL experts about XBRL related topics.

The possibilities of non-numeric data in XBRL

Possibilities of non-numeric data in XBRL Now that ESMA requires stock exchange companies to report in iXBRL, there has been some discussion in the Netherlands regarding the filing of annual reports by large companies that are not listed. The listed companies only have to report the consolidated figures in XBRL;

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Why Denmark is leading within XBRL.

Why Denmark is leading within XBRL I see four reasons why Denmark is one of the leading nations within XBRL, let me explain; 1. Political backup From the very beginning, there has been an ambition and strategy from Danish authorities that XBRL should be a fixed standard in the future

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The Impact Of The Letter i

The Impact Of The Letter “i” While several European countries successfully adopted XBRL for financial statements, a new version is already lingering on the horizon. From reporting year 2020, stock exchange companies within the European Union are required to report their financial statements using the ESEF XBRL taxonomy. Instead of

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A consistent presentation of XBRL instances​

A consistent presentation of XBRL instances The EBA and the EIOPA have been accepting XBRL files for several years now for CRD IV and Solvency II reports. For authorities, XBRL is a giant leap forwards compared to Excel files, since XBRL can process data way more efficient than they ever

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