XBRL Service

XBRL Service makes it simple for you to convert reports from any given format (PDF, XLS, DOC) to XBRL or iXBRL. You just use the system you are used to, whether it is Excel, Word, Publisher, InDesign, Photoshop, inCopy etc.

This way you can submit to your relevant authority, without any in dept knowledge about XBRL.

All you do is simply upload your report in any format, and we’ll convert it into a validated XBRL file – ready for submission.

XBRL Service is the right product for you, if you have a limited number of reports to convert or you simply want an outsourced service to take care of the process of creating XBRL files.

Why use
XBRL Service

No knowledge needed

You don’t need to know anything about taxonomies, filing rules, contexts, dimensions or elements – we know all of this and do it for you.

No software needed

No need for installing any applications, patches or updates

Cost effective

Don’t waste hours on employee training or XBRL tagging – let us do the hard work

No change in workflow

Create your report as you have done before. Don’t worry about XBRL as we will take care of this for you when you are done.

Instant onboarding

Are you in a hurry? Just contact us – we’re ready to convert your report right now!

Use our expertise

The world of XBRL changes all the time. We are constantly updated so you don’t have to be.

XBRL Service - how it works

Upload your report – and let us convert it to XBRL.
We save you the time it takes to convert your reports, learning how to, as well as staying updated on continuous changes within the field.

You can send any format such as Excel, Word, PDF, InDesign etc., which we then convert to XBRL. Once this is done, you receive the XBRL file, followed by a validation report where you can also review the contents of the XBRL file.

Now you simply submit the XBRL file to your relevant authority. No more, no less.

Please contact us for further information.

Frequently asked questions

When will I receive my XBRL file?

It depends a bit on the complexity of your report - and the country you need to report to. In Denmark we have a delivery time in about 24 hours for most report. In Netherlands the delivery time is close to a week. If you want to make sure, give us a call.

What if my report contains abbreviations to the “normal” guidelines?

Our experienced service team will map all information to the XBRL taxonomy even if you use abbreviations. If we encounter problems or are in doubt, we will get in touch.

I only have an annual report in a scanned PDF format – can you convert this?

No, the file needs to be in a format where we can extract information. Scanned documents are merely “pictures” of the original page with no option to extract individual elements.