Corona - Not in Our Business

Michael Krog

Michael Krog

Michael is one of our two founders - and our technical mastermind

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Private businesses are in desperate need of help – but please do not worry about ParsePort.

We have healthy financials, our transition is minimal and we are not suffering any noticeable losses despite our employees having to stay home. We all have to help out, so let the financial support go to the businesses that are affected the most.

Today, private businesses are crying for help. Hotels, restaurants, hairdressers etc. are losing revenue that can not be recovered. Governments will most likely offer various forms of support, but instead of just reaching out by default, everybody has to help where they can. Despite the terrible current situation, we must not forget that we are living in a fantastic world and age. Our company supply financial reporting  to authorities worldwide – and this reporting minimizes the impact of a depression, financial crisis and/or pandemic to be more controllable, which makes us proud.

We have representatives all over Europe and are used to working online or from home. Our revenue suffers minimal impact (if any), and our customers who might have required a physical meeting before, are now forced to do video conferences with us instead. Besides the fact that it allows us to sell MORE because we are not wasting our time on a plane, it also adds a positive climate effect and allows more time with our families.

Our customers and we are now fully exploiting all the tools that have been developed to bring us closer together and work more efficiently, and that is why we urge: do not reach out just because you can, but give support to those that need it most.

We will be fine.

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