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Success Stories

Arcadis helped by Sturnis365

ParsePort and Sturnis365 have agreed on a partnership, where a Sturnis365 customer has its annual report iXBRL tagged by ParsePort solutions to be fully compliant with the ESMA/ESEF mandate. 

ARCADIS, a global design, engineering and management consulting company (ARCAD) and winner of the Sijthoff price, awarding the best 2018 annual report in the Netherlands, has very recently implemented Sturnis365 together with the ParsePort solutions to further enhance its 2019 disclosure and iXBRL filing process. 

Laura Van Oorschot, Director Group Reporting & Accounting, says: “we have published today, and I am happy to say it has been the most relaxed closing in years. Sturnis365 was a significant help”. Likewise, VP International of Sturnis365, Didier Katz, expresses his great satisfaction on the cooperation with ParsePort.“

KoneCranes is now ESEF ready

At ParsePort we handled the process of implementing KoneCranes with a four-step approach. This has turned out to be the easiest way for both us and our clients to implement the ParsePort product and become ESEF ready.

The process started when KoneCranes delivered their PDF and Excel files to ParsePort. 

Afterwards we sat down with Jukka Pellikka, Group Financial Controller at KoneCranes, to have a chat about his experience with the process.

When asked why KoneCranes ended up choosing ParsePort, Group Financial Controller of KoneCranes Jukka Pellika replies quite clear; “We liked the idea that tagging was handled automatically if the line items were clear and matched to the glossary.” He states and continues, “During the selection process we noticed that ParsePort was the only supplier we reviewed, who could provide an ESEF file that looked exactly like the designed financial review we publish.”

A Selection of ParsePort Clients

Gert Skjønnemand
Deloitte A/S

XBRL was a learning process where ParsePort was constantly supportive. Furthermore, the result is a good standard and a reporting function that works 100%. After a brief implementation from ParsePort we were up and running. We will definitely recommend ParsePort.

Henrik Holm, CFO Hornsyld Købmandsgaard A/S

We use both Word and Excel for preparation of reports, and the system can easily handle both. Once you have tried converting and reporting once, the system is easy to use. ParsePort also have a good, efficient and fast support when needed

Finn Skov
Egetæpper A/S

At ege, we required a partner that could convert and report our financial statements in the digital format XBRL. Secondly, after having studied the market, we found ParsePorts solution most attractive. Uncomplicated and easy for us right from the beginning with efficient service.

Christian Koefoed
IT Manager
TK Development

Although we to our knowledge were the first company in Denmark to report IFRS digitally, we felt very confident in ParsePorts handling throughout the process – and when in doubt ParsePort has communicated quickly, efficiently and solution-oriented with both us and the Danish Business Authority.

Lotte Mathiesen Kollegiefonden Bikuben

Firstly, high praises to ParsePort for a very fast and painless expedition in connection with the conversion of our annual report to XBRL. I am very surprised how smooth the whole process has gone! The answers came very swift and was easy to understand. I would certainly recommend ParsePort.

Jan Buskbjerg
Vistisen & Lunde

We report our customers’ accounts into the Danish Business Authority as XBRL using ParsePorts XBRL Converter. In connection with the adaption of our Excel model for XBRL reporting, ParsePort has continuously provided assistance. Also, ParsePorts support and XBRL products has acted to our full satisfaction.

Søren Christiansen
Orifarm Group A/S

We have used ParsePort in connection with the XBRL of financial statements. Furthermore, it’s been flexible, easy and with very good service from ParsePort. Minimal time spent on the submission and the link to the Danish Business Authorities has been working excellent.

Merete Budde

We have found this solution by acquiring the XBRL Converter. Also, ParsePort has been incredibly helpful all the way from first meeting to the implementation phase. Today we report all our accounts using ParsePorts solutions.

Tina Christensen
Semler Gruppen

We have been using ParsePort for conversion of annual reports to XBRL and reporting to the Danish Business Authority for class B enterprises. I have been very happy with the process, and the great service where quality and efficiency has been top notch.

Kim Riis
Sønderup & Partnere

ParsePort seems to have created a product that embrace many accountants and its very flexibility in relation to use all Excel capabilities and keep them intact. There is no code, macros or limitations – and we were ready to report digital accounts fast. User-friendly XBRL.

Maria Rebbe

Basically, we needed a tool to convert our excel accounts into the XBRL format. Parseports system has really fulfilled our expectations. It is easy to start with and if there are minor problems, there is always instant help from ParsePort.

Tom Bak
Sydfyns Elforsyning A/S

We have investigated the market for solutions and concluded that ParsePort could offer us the best solution. Since ParsePort has been taking care of all our accounts to our complete satisfaction, we can highly recommend their services to others.

Gert Skjønnemand
RevisionPlus A/S

The result is a good standard and a reporting function that works 100%. Furthermore, we were quickly up and running. We have reported many books and the instructions are no longer needed, as it´s extremely user-friendly and an easy process.

Lars Eslund
Unipension I/S

We are extremely satisfied with the job ParsePort has done for us. It’s the best money I’ve spent this year.

Maibritt Sejersen

At EgnsINVEST we have used ParsePort to the majority of our accounts, and we can recommend their services to other customers. Also, it has been a positive experience where the management of our accounts has been easy and quick