ESEF Reporting Examples

Below, you will find a small selection of the hundreds of reports we have been converting the last couple of months either as demos or for customers. Some of the reports are fully tagged, some are partially tagged on e.g. income statement or balance sheet just for demo – and some are even work in progress where we are currently working with the customer and/or auditor in evaluating the best mapping. Remember to drop by often, since we are constantly updating with new reports.

Excel + PDF = ESEF.

It really is that simple.

For each report, you have four download options:

A .html version of your report that will open in a web browser like Firefox (highly recommended for speed), Chrome, Safari or Edge (Internet Explorer not recommended). The .html file is added as a free service from us with each report and includes a “viewer” which will open on the right side of your browser window and allow you to press “Display options”, “Highlight” and use the left/right buttons to scroll through XBRL tags in the file. This file is not mandatory and should not be submitted, but can be hosted on your homepage as an extra service for readers that do not have advanced software tools to consume ESEF reports but just want to review the mapping lightly.
Contrary to what many believe, an ESEF report is not just one file. An ESEF report comes in form of a .zip package that contains both the main .xhtml report inside a “reports” folder, but also a taxonomy package that includes technical information on e.g. mathematical relationships, extensions etc.
The report should always be distributed as a .zip package and does not need to be unzipped. This is the file that should be submitted to your local Officially Appointed Mechanism (OAM) and hosted on your homepage as a download link.
This is the original annual report in .pdf format that we used as an input for the visual part of the ESEF file.
This is the Excel file that we used as an input for the technical part of the ESEF file. The file was created by us, but could just as well be your own document.




Please come back soon again. The page is constantly updated with new reports.