Mads Mads Got His Chance ParsePort

Working for ParsePort

What is your job here at ParsePort?

“My title is sales supporter, but I help out wherever I can, so I think I’m more all-round support than just sales. A lot of my tasks involve research and structuring data for both sales and marketing.”

What is your favorite thing about working for ParsePort?

“My favorite thing about working for ParsePort is to be part of a team and working towards a common goal. Because of a birth defect on my hands and feet I look a little different and my voice sounds a little different, and I think that has scared off a lot of potential employers, but it doesn’t matter here. Here I’m treated like everyone else.”

How have your career developed since starting with ParsePort?

“I have a background in retail, but ParsePort is my first ‘office job’. It’s also my first job in IT, so I would say my career has taken a 180 turn – for the better. Of course, there is a learning curve and I’ve had to learn how to work with different systems, but I intend to keep learning.”

Starting out in the World of XBRL

What did you do before you started working for ParsePort?

”Like I said, I started out in retail, and after years of unemployment I finished an education in service and hospitality management. Before ParsePort I was unemployed for 11 years and during that time, I went to 800 job interviews. In fact, ParsePort was my interview number 800.”

What is the best story you have from working at ParsePort?

“The best story I have, actually has nothing to do with XBRL. It happened right after I was hired by ParsePort. I had previously been interviewed for a national newspaper about my job search and when they found out that I had finally found a job, they wanted to do a follow-up interview. That story was quite successful, so I also went on a national talk show. That was a lot of fun.”

Did you know anything about XBRL before you started?

“I knew the marketing manager before I started, she was actually the one who referred me to the company, and she had told me a little bit about XBRL, so I knew some before I started. But only very little, so I’ve had to learn, but everyone is very good at sharing what they know, and today I know a lot more than I did back then.”

XBRL and ESEF are sort of tricky subjects. How do you explain what you work with to your friends and family?

”I usually just say that there’s a law which forces all public listed companies to file their annual financial reports in a specific format, and that we make a software which lets them do so easily. It might be glossing over the finer details, but most people understand it.”

What advice would you give to someone joining ParsePort?

“It sounds like a cliché, but ‘be yourself’. There are a lot of different people here at ParsePort, and there’s room for everyone. I know a lot of companies pride themselves on being inclusive, but here it’s not just part of some corporate identity statement, it’s the truth.”

Name: Mads Mortensen
Position: Sales Supporter
Location: Denmark (HQ)
Education: AP Graduate in Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management