Jeppe Studied English …

....and Then Accounting

Working for ParsePort

What is your job here at ParsePort?

“I work in the XBRL Service team. That means my job consists of tagging financial reports for companies who need to file in XBRL, and I also prepare annual financial reports for ESEF mapping for publicly listed companies all over Europe.”

What is your favorite thing about working for ParsePort?

“My favorite thing about working for ParsePort is the atmosphere, for sure. ParsePort has a very laid-back tone which is very nice. I’m also very fond of the hands-on management style. I can go speak directly to management if I need to. There’s no fixed corporate hierarchy I need to adhere to.”

How has your career developed since starting with ParsePort?

“It’s the first time I work a full-time job I’m actually trained to do. I have a Master’s in English, but as an academic from the humanities landing a job wasn’t really that easy, which is why I ended up getting a Diploma in Accounting. That paid off. I was hired by ParsePort the same month I finished my diploma. I actually had to postpone my first day at ParsePort by a week, so I could finish my exams before I started.”

How can you apply your education to your job?

“It depends which education we’re talking about. Aside from abilities like critical thinking and project management there’s not a lot of overlap between a Master’s in English and my job here at ParsePort. My diploma in accounting helped in the way that it lessened the learning curve, because I was used to reading financial reports, but I wouldn’t say it’s required.”

What did you do before you started working for ParsePort?

“I think it’s safe to say I’ve worked with a bit of everything. My first job after I left university was as a job consultant for people with special needs. I’ve worked in a lot of different start-ups as well. I even did voice-overs for commercials like the ones you see on the home shopping channel. I think the thing that relates the most to my job now, though, is my diploma in accounting.”

How is ParsePort different from other places you’ve worked?

“ParsePort is different because it’s not a classic start-up. I mean, it’s a 10-year-old company so I suppose it isn’t really a start-up at all, but the rapid growth gives it that start-up vibe. I’ve been in a different start-ups, and they’ve all had that ‘all hands on deck’ feeling, which is great, but at the same time it ends up feeling like you have to be available 24 hours a day to keep up. It’s not like that here. It’s sort of like you get all the positive things from being a start-up because it’s a new product and there’s a lot of new people, but without the negative things like the insecurity of not knowing if the company still exists next month.”

Starting out in the World of XBRL

Do you have any stories from working in XBRL?

“I don’t have one specific story as such, but I always enjoy seeing the annual reports of companies I know, especially when it’s local companies. I recently went through the annual financial report of the mall where I live. That was fun.”

XBRL is sort of a tricky subject, how do you explain what you do to your friends and family?

“I actually have two different versions, so it depends who I’m talking to. If I don’t think they’ll be that interested I tell them that I ‘copy/paste’ annual financial reports from one place to another. That’s the easy version. If I think they might be a little interested, I tell them that I convert financial reports into raw data. Then I can always add more about the software and the ESEF requirements if they ask.”

What would you say to people who apply for a job at ParsePort?

“ParsePort has a really down to earth atmosphere. Like I said, it’s like a start-up but without the usual downsides to working in a start-up. If they’re interested in working with financial reports from some of the biggest companies in all of Europe, I would say they should definitely apply here.”

Name: Jeppe Møgelmose
Position: Administrative Assistant
Location: Denmark (HQ)
Education: Master’s in English and Diploma Course in Accounting