Ana Came to Denmark to Study

...and She’s Still Here

Working for ParsePort

What is your job here at ParsePort? 

“I started out as a contract manager, but due to ParsePort’s growth my position needed to evolve. It’s my job to manage, improve and create the legal documents. I also negotiate contracts with all our customers and partners and provide legal advice to the various departments. Basically, everything that has to do with law has my contribution.” 

How has your career developed since starting with ParsePort? 

“When I started, I expected professional and personal growth, sure, but I hadn’t even considered a promotion. I started as a contract manager, and as ParsePort grew, there was a need to expand the legal team which I am now in charge of. As I am now the head of legal, I think it’s safe to say my career has evolved quite a bit in the short time I’ve been here. And it’s a challenge that I am more than happy to overcome.” 

What is your favorite thing about working for ParsePort? 

“No two days are the same. Definitely. I really like that. We have customers all over Europe, so every negotiation is different, because the culture of the customers is different. Another thing I really like about working here is the trust. I felt like they trusted me 100% from the first day I got here, which was a really great feeling.” 

What did you do before you started working for ParsePort?  

” Before I came to Denmark, I was an Associate in a law firm in São Paulo. I moved here because I got offered a place at the University of Copenhagen, where I did my Master’s in Law. I’m half Brazilian half Spanish. I was born and raised in Brazil where I got to take all my legal education and start developing my career as a lawyer. After finishing my Post Graduate degree in business law, I decided I needed to spend time in Europe to explore my European half. I looked for master’s programs in Germany, in The Netherlands and in Denmark and ended up choosing Denmark. No regrets, I love it in here!” 

How is life at ParsePort different from other companies? 

“The legal part isn’t too different. I was used to negotiating contracts and even though I am in another country, my daily routine is very similar to the one I had before. The environment is different. When I worked in Sao Paulo everyone, I worked with were lawyers or had some legal background, but at ParsePort it’s a mixed environment. There’s people with backgrounds in both sales, IT and finance. It’s different. It can be a little challenging at times, especially because we are still growing, but it’s the kind of challenge I like to face”. 

Starting out in the World of XBRL

Did you know anything about XBRL before you started? 

“I knew a little. I knew about the existence ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority) and it’s work towards a more stable European financial market, but I didn’t know the specifics about the ESEF taxonomy, nor I had heard of XBRL or iXBRL before. I know a lot more now, but as I do not work directly with the ESEF taxonomy in my daily work, I still learn something new every time I speak with the account managers.” 

Do you have anything to say to people who consider joining ParsePort? 

“To people who are interested in IT and in the financial reporting field, I would say; do it. ParsePort is a very diverse workplace. You won’t feel like a foreigner when you work here, even if you are one like me. I think it’s because we are a very international company, I don’t know, but working here feels very familiar.” 

Name: Ana Paula Diorio Miranda 
Position: Head of Legal
Location: Denmark (HQ)
Education: Master of Laws LLM and a Post Graduate Degree in Business Law