XBRL Inspector Free to Use

European Auditors Can Now Use the ParsePort XBRL Inspector for Free​

Today marks the beginning of something big. The ParsePort XBRL Inspector, which is already the go to ESEF validator for many auditors, becomes free to use for all auditors auditing public listed companies in Europe.

No, you aren’t imagining things. Effective immediately the ParsePort XBRL Inspector cloud portal, which is certified as review and consumption software by XBRL International, is free to use for all auditors who audit public listed companies in Europe.

Why Is the ParsePort XBRL Inspector Free Now?

Through the process of preparing ESEF reports for listed companies all over Europe, it has come to our attention, that there is a large variation in the quality of review and consumption software on the market.

Many tools still suffer from various bugs, which means they return a large amount of false error messages. This causes extra work for both auditors, consolidation and reporting teams as well as the ESEF providers.

To remedy this, we have decided to let all auditors, who audit annual financial reports for European public listed companies, access the ParsePort XBRL Inspector completely free of charge, and we intend to keep developing the inspector cloud portal as a free tool going forward.

Learning to Use the Inspector

Further, seeing as ESEF and XBRL is still a new area for many auditors we will be hosting a series of weekly webinars where mapping and XBRL experts from ParsePort will instruct participants on how to use the ParsePort XBRL Inspector, explore the challenges of auditing ESEF reports and share best practices on how to interpret the ESEF taxonomy.

The webinars will be open to everyone who is using the ParsePort XBRL Inspector, and during the sessions participants can ask questions regarding specific issues and challenges.

All of this is done to ensure that ESEF reporting becomes as smooth as possible for both auditors, PLCs and ESEF providers.

Existing Customers Will Also Receive Free Access to the ParsePort XBRL Inspector

Auditors from all over Europe have already purchased access to the ParsePort XBRL Inspector.

Customers who have already purchased access to the ParsePort XBRL Inspector will be offered the choice of a free subscription provided they only want access to the inspector through the cloud portal. Customers who have already been charged can contact ParsePort to be reimbursed.

About the ParsePort XBRL Inspector

The ParsePort XBRL Inspector is certified by XBRL International as review and consumption software. The inspector is equipped with one of the most accurate validation engines on the market, which means auditors will be able to reduce the number of incorrect error messages they receive when using the ParsePort XBRL Inspector compared to other tools.

Additionally, the ParsePort XBRL Inspector lets auditors easily review ESEF files by giving them access to a range of features such as easy creation of validation reports, simple comparison between taxonomy packages, and generation of lists of every taxonomy element and extension used within the report in question.

Learn more about the ParsePort XBRL Inspector.