Karen Sofie Puts Her Masters to Use

Working for ParsePort

What is your job here at ParsePort?

“I started as a sales supporter right after the first corona lockdown, but I think I’ve done a bit of everything since I started; communications, translation, sales, project management, workflow optimization. Today I work as an account manager, which means I help companies with their ESEF reporting and I teach them how to use the different ParsePort products.”

What is your favorite thing about working for ParsePort?

“There are so many things about this job I like that it’s hard to pick just one. I really love how much responsibility I was given from the beginning, but I also love that I get to collaborate with colleagues across so many different departments, and how we all learn about XBRL together. If I had to pick just one thing, though, it would probably be that I get to use my French degree as much as I do.”

How has your career developed since starting with ParsePort?

“I’ve picked up a lot of new skills from being involved in so many aspects of the business. I was recently promoted to account manager, so now I have been a part of every step of the customer journey from the early outreach through the sales meetings and on to onboarding and training. That has taught me a lot. Actually, I recently hosted a training session for a French real estate company, where I had also been the one to approach in them back when I worked as a sales supporter. It was pretty fun to see the people I had sold the product to and then get to be the one to teach them how to use the products as well.”

Starting out in the World of XBRL

What did you do before you started working for ParsePort?

”Well, I majored in French at the University of Copenhagen, so I don’t think it was a given that I would end up with an SaaS company developing software for financial reporting, although I actually use my French daily when I’m handling sales or training sessions for French clients.”

Did you know anything about XBRL before you started?

“Although I have been helping my mom making the tax reports for her company since I was 17, I didn’t have a clue what XBRL was when I started. I think most of the people who begin working for ParsePort know very little about XBRL when they start, but everyone here is great at sharing what they know, so it didn’t take long for me to get an idea about XBRL.”

XBRL and ESEF are sort of tricky subjects. How do you think your mother explains your job to her friends?

”I don’t think my mother has any idea what it is I do for a living, but she’s still very proud of me. I think she may just tell her friends that I work in sales. I honestly don’t know what she would say, though. I could ask her?”

What is the best story you have from working in the world of XBRL?

“When I worked as a sales supporter, a lot of the French clients kept asking if we could produce a list of all the XBRL tags used in their report. I told the developers about it and it ended up as a function in the final version of the ParsePort XBRL Inspector. That still makes me smile.”

Name: Karen Sofie Tøjner
Position: Account Manager
Location: Denmark (HQ)
Education: Master’s Degree in French Studies, electives in Organization and Communication