Webinar: Digital Week on ESEF 2020

On Friday the 4th of December we took part in the Digital Week on ESEF 2020, which was an online even hosted by XBRL Europe. During the event, we hosted an ESEF webinar, where our Danish Sales Executive, Thomas Krog, provided participants with a demonstration of how to use the ParsePort XBRL Converter and the ParsePort XBRL Inspector.

In the video below you can watch Thomas Krog’s demonstration of how to convert files to iXBRL with the ParsePort XBRL Converter as well as how to use the ParsePort XBRL Inspector to consume and troubleshoot ESEF files.

About the Digital Week

From December 1 to December 4 2020 XBRL Europe along with a number of European jurisdictions organized a series of short online events and ESEF Webinars regrouped in the “26th XBRL Europe and national jurisdictions digital week on ESEF”.

During the week XBRL Europe, XBRL Germany, XBRL France, XBRL Italy and XBRL Netherlands hosted separate events to shed light on the matter of ESEF, while the entire Friday was dedicated to having XBRL and ESEF software solution providers present their solutions.

If you want to learn more about ESEF reporting or the ParsePort XBRL Products you can contact us through the contact form below to schedule a demonstration.