The ParsePort ESEF Tagger is Among the First Tools to Be XBRL Certified in the Review and Consumption Category

XBRL International has launched a new certificate for ESEF review and consumption software, and the ParsePort ESEF Review Function which is part of the ParsePort ESEF Tagger, is among the first tools to receive this new certificate.

As the market begins to see a growing need for tools that can assist with the review process of reports, XBRL International has launched a new “Review and Consumption” category for their certificate.  Earlier this year, the ParsePort ESEF Converter received it’s certificate and today the review function in our ESEF Tagger has attained the same certificate. 

The ESEF Review Function are among the first products to receive the classification as certified review and consumption software.

How Our ESEF Reviewer Works

The ParsePort ESEF Review Function is not a stand-alone tool but a function that’s been built into our ESEF Tagger. This means that auditors will be able to handle both creation and review processes with the same, simple tool.

Our ESEF Tagger add-in allows you to check the custom taxonomy tree, anchoring and calculation. Which is what gives auditors the possibility not only to audit the iXBRL report itself, but also the company extension taxonomy.

You can learn more about the ParsePort ESEF Tagger by watching the demonstrational video below.

Demonstration of the ParsePort ESEF Tagger

The XBRL Certificate

XBRL Certified Software has been reviewed by XBRL International, who make sure that it is in conformance with the XBRL specifications. The programme of certification has as its primary focus to ensure that XBRL reports can be created and consumed by different pieces of software in the same way.

XBRL International currently provides certificates for three different types of software: Validation ProcessorsReport Creation Software and Review and Consumption Software.  You can read more about the XBRL Certificates by going to the XBRL International website.