Webinar: ESEF - Are You Ready for the New Reporting Format?

On Wednesday the 29th of July we hosted a webinar for the Austrian market. The webinar was aimed at explaining what the new reporting format will mean for them. It also included a showcase of how our product can make their lives easier when they need to handle their ESEF reporting.

Michael Krog, co-founder of ParsePort showcased how our ESEF tagger and cloud converter works. He also spent time describing how different approaches to tagging are suited for different companies. Some companies might want everything regarding mapping and the conversion handled for them, while others might like to handle everything themselves or want a solution which provides the best of both worlds.


About the ESEF Webinar

During the presentation Michael briefly covered how our system of simplified tagging works. The main event, however, was the showcase of the product. The participants where shown how easy it can be to convert their annual reports to ESEF, as it’s all handled in a drag-and-drop cloud converter.

Afterwards the participants got a first-row view of our ESEF tagger, and how they can map different elements to the taxonomy as well as how the tagger handles extensions and anchorings.

After the demonstration of the tagger, Michael ended the presentation by going over the pros and cons of the different solutions, as well covering the implementation process.


If you want to watch the full presentation, you can watch the video below, to get an idea of how ParsePort can help make your ESEF reporting simple. It doesn’t matter if you would prefer to handle mapping yourself or have us handle everything for you.

Are You ESEF Ready?