iXBRL from ParsePort is Fully Compatible with Pomelo-Paradigm’s Pomdoc Pro

At ParsePort we strive to make ESEF reporting as simple and user friendly as humanly possible, but we still remain adamant that our product should be the best on the market, and we aren’t the only ones who share that thinking.

During a recent webinar, French Pomelo-Paradigm gave the ParsePort product their endorsement because it works extraordinarily well with their newly designed Pomdoc Pro. They even went so far as to use our conversion of the ARCADIS Annual Report from 2019 to demonstrate how their new Pomdoc Pro works.

We Deliver ESEF While Keeping the Design in Mind

The European Single Electronic Format is all about functionality and compliance, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about the design. At ParsePort we have focused on making our converter able to turn a glossy annual report in PDF into an identical iXBRL document.

All you need is your glossy annual report in PDF format and an Excel file containing the same information as your PDF. With just those two files and zero hours spent on mapping, you can get a result which is both as visually stunning as your PDF and lives up to the ESEF Mandate.

This is also one of the reasons why Pomelo-Paradigm has highlighted ParsePort as a vital XBRL actor within their digital ecosystem of document production.

At ParsePort we provide Pomdoc with the technical layer of XBRL and thus contribute to a high quality of compliant documents, which in turn leads to successful ESEF reporting, and we support Pomelo-Paradigm’s mission of simplification and optimization of legal financial reporting by contributing with our own vision of making XBRL simple.