ParsePort Converter is XBRL Certified

On June 5th XBRL International announced the ParsePort Converter as the latest report creation software to achieve its certified software status, which means they ensure the validity of XBRL and iXBRL created using the ParsePort Product.

In what may be the fastest certification process in the history of certification processes, XBRL International gave our software their approval, when they announced that our product had received its certified software status. 

The entire process only took a couple of hours.

One of the reasons why XBRL International was able to give out a certificate as fast as they did, is because we at ParsePort have focused on transparency from the very beginning, and because we publicly display fully tagged ESEF reports on our website, the team from XBRL International knew going in, that our product was up to snuff.


What the XBRL Certificate Means

With the growing need for XBRL conversion, the number of products claiming to support XBRL also increases. At the same time objectively proving the quality of a solution can prove difficult, which is why XBRL International provides an objective, independent and verifiable certification for the software of XBRL providers.

The goal of the XBRL Certificate is to give preparers of XBRL products confidence that their reports will be accepted and correctly understood by consumers and regulators.

Software certified by XBRL International is software, which has been inspected and found to be in conformance with the XBRL specifications.